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Coffee For Two!

One-on-One Brand & Business Coaching

Hi there!

It's at about this time of year that I say to myself, "Self, you've got to get it together, get off your bootie and finish the year strong!" We are down to the last quarter of 2017 and literally down to less than 12 weeks left in the year! While the tendency for some may be to throw in the towel, admit defeat and start planning for next year, my philosophy is that you can literally make anything happen in these last couple of months.

Think about this...what if you threw the ultimate of all last minute hail marys and knocked 2017 out of the park?
What if you set a goal, buckled down, got focused and accomplished something magical that would set you and your business up for exponential success and growth?

What if you could complete that one thing you've been thinking about all year in just 8 weeks?

But it seems too daunting or too exhausting.
But it's hard to just get started and stay focused.
But it's just too much to do with such little time left.

What if I could help shift your thinking?
What if I could help you get focused, organized and productive?
What if you knew that what you set you mind to and accomplish over the last couple months of this year will completely change the trajectory of your brand and business?

That is what my one-on-one coaching is all about!

We start off by establishing that ONE THING you want to get done before the end of the year, set a timeline and create smaller deadlines to ensure productivity! Then you and I set a week reoccurring virtual coffee date via Skype to get it done...TOGETHER!

If you're thinking you could use something like this and if you have something you just have to accomplish before 2017 is over you and I should talk!

Sign up for your 8 week one-on-one coaching package today! In reality, I can only take on so many one-on-one coaching clients in November and December so let's get started soon!

Let's see what we can do to set you up for a bangin' 2018!


P.S. If you're not sure, don't worry. There's no risk in signing up. We'll start with a consultation to make sure it's a good fit (if it's not, no'll get a refund).

P.S.S. If you're really not sure, let's chat anyway so I can get a feel for what you need and see if this will help.

What you'll get during our time together...

Timeline & </br>Schedule

Timeline &

We'll start out by determining your priorities and setting goals for the time we have together. We'll divide them into the 8 weeks and assign deadlines that we can meet to achieve your final outcome.


We'll work together, two minds working as one, to bring focus clarity and actual execution to your ideas. It will be like a personal mastermind and brainstorm for your business with the goal to accomplish that one thing you want to achieve. Most importantly, we'll do the actual work together during our weekly calls.
Homework </br>Assignments


Each week you'll be given several homework assignments that you will need to complete on your own. These tasks are critical to the success of the coaching and need to be completed for the next call. This will allow us to be most productive during our sessions and to meet our final deadline at the end.
Digital </br>Notebook


The mother of all notebooks, we'll create a ongoing, growing Google doc to keep us organized and to capture all of our goals, timelines, dates, notes, work, brand language and homework all in one place.