31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge

31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge - Loving and building your brand - Olivia Omega

Day in and day out, we work our butts off IN our business…bogged down by logistics, frantically trying to increase sales/clients and stay in front of our competitors. We rarely take a moment to step back and work ON our business…tending to our brand, nurturing our online presence, relating to our tribe, and building relationships that last (brand loyalty).

During the next 31 days, I’ll be taking you on a journey of brand awareness as you reconnect with brand YOU and fall in love with it all over again.

Each day, I’ll be giving you simple ways to show your brand some lovin’ and celebrate the unique and amazing brand that is you!

Use the hashtag #lovebrandyou on Instagram and Twitter to show off your progress. Click here or sign up below to get your daily love challenges in your inbox. For 31 days you will receive a challenge that will encourage you to invest in yourself and build your personal intellectual property (Brand YOU). Let’s get started!

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