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I worked with Olivia to launch my brand and I wouldn't have done it as quick, as organized or as confidently without her. She led me through the steps and kept me accountable throughout. She also helped me gain clarity in areas that needed it (like the specific services I would offer) while providing insight in how to promote my business and myself. She helped give me the confidence I wanted (and needed) to successfully launch and market my new business. Her insight, guidance and encouragement were invaluable!

Carla Rippstein
Make Her Social
Watching Olivia talk in front of a group, you can tell she's highly intellligent and insightful, but it's when you have a one-on-one conversation that she reveals her talents of getting to the heart of exactly what you need to do to be successful. In my session with Olivia, she was able to quickly hone in on specific and achievable action items to move my business forward. My pen couldn't move fast enough, writing down Olivia's short- and long-term ideas for my business and I was able to start putting some plans in motion immediately. Leaving my session with Olivia, I feel hopeful, confident and excited to take on my dreams!

Amy Falcione
Amy Falcione Designs
Olivia Omega is mega! She uses her extensive experience in the world of marketing and brand development to help the next generation of business leaders, like myself. Olivia challenges her clients to push past the surface, to dive deeper into understanding their brand positioning and voice. This guidance has been extremely beneficial to me as an individual in the midst of starting a brand.

Triston Dimery
DIMERY Brand + Concept

"A worthwhile investment..."

On my first call with Olivia it was clear that she knew what she was talking about, that she's done this a bunch and is a real expert, and that she could help me really get focused. We walked through the process together and she held my hand through the process. Olivia helped me zero in on what my message is, what I'm all about and what I wanted my brand messaging to be and reflect. It was invaluable to me! If you're having the same issue as me which is honing in and fine tuning that branding language, I think Olivia can really help you find the focus you need, find the words that you need and enhance your brand. And at the end of the day, your brand is everything! For me it was a worthwhile investment to take the time and spend the money. I think Olivia is smart as can be and lovely to work with!

Erin Busbee
Busbee Style
I reached out to Olivia to solidify a lot of the noise going on in my head. I knew Olivia could help me prioritize my goals in a tangible way, which was something I had been struggling with. Chatting with Olivia was always inspiring. I looked forward to our calls each week and when we ended, it was like I had just drank a pot of coffee. Actually, I don't drink coffee, but I was always super motivated and got more work done on the days we spoke than I was getting done over a week before we began our time together. Olivia was real deal talk too. It wasn't all cheerleader and glam. She was very honest about certain aspects or processes that she didn't feel would be a good fit for me and my business.

Olivia helped my prioritize short term goals and long term dreams ...dreams that seemed unrealistic to me. She connected me with some great contacts and assets that have put a lot of my business steps into action. Olivia helped me set an end goal on different subjects and helped me work backwards to create a realistic path to get there. I have a lot of exciting things that, for so long, had been floating around in my head. Now, those exciting things have launch dates and deadlines and a to-do-list that is kicking me into gear.

If it were not for Olivia, I probably would still be dragging my feet on a lot of different areas in my business. Olivia helped me reevaluate my ideal client, helped me LEARN how to write the proper language to reach my market and clientele, and prioritized all the steps that are currently taking me to my short and long term goals. Maybe over time, I would have slowly figured things out, but with Olivia, a lot of light bulbs switched on over the short course of our time together.

I owe it to Olivia. If we didn't have our weekly chats, my big product and launch would still be sitting on the back burner!

Hope C. Johnson
The Little Blue Chair

"If it were not for Olivia, I probably would still be dragging my feet on a lot of different areas in my business."

What other one-on-one coaching clients are saying...

Olivia was vital to my understanding the underpinnings of my business in a new, fresh way. I was able to pull back and evaluate through her marketing process during the conference and most importantly at the end when I had a one-on-one. Her experience, expertise and approachable, kind persona helped me see the potential success of my business and of myself. I am forever grateful to her specifically, as she was able to help me navigate my business positively and feel I can truly make my company a success. Success for me is no longer a pipe dream.

Nicole Ketchum
Chandelier by NK
Every week working with Olivia is like "ahhhhhhhhhh" a breath of fresh air and energy when I get off the phone with her!

Tina Mansour
Studio Two Sixteen
Cayman Islands

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Olivia Omega is the author of Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding. Her mission in life is to encourage everyone to dance to he beat of their own brand! She gives creative entrepreneurs the tools needed to successfully build their brands both online and offline through branding and social media strategy, and by creating online branded experiences (aka amazing websites ☺ ).

"Dance to the beat of your own brand!"

Olivia is a mom, wife/business partner, dancer and sewer. She has over 15 years of traditional advertising, digital marketing and branding experience, and has been featured in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Business Week, People and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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"When you're authentically yourself, your brand has no competition."