Olivia is a dynamic speaker that brings energy, humor and years of branding and entrepreneurial experience to her audiences. She has a remarkable way of connecting with people and making even the most complex or foreign of topics approachable. Send an email to olivia[at]oliviaomega[dot]com to check availability.

Her most recent talks have included:

- "Personal Branding: Bottling your expertise and marketing brand YOU"
- "Everything I learned about social media I learned from online dating"
- "Fail Big! Key strategies to rebound from failure and reinvent yourself"

I would LOVE to speak to your group and I most commonly speaks to the following audiences:

Entrepreneurs (especially the ladies)
Speaking on the entrepreneurial journey, establishing and marketing intellectual properties, how to make a name for yourself through personal branding and stand out against your competitors - the topic of my new book "Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding & Understanding the Anatomy of Brand YOU"

Presenting the benefits of personal branding during a job search as well as within the corporate culture. This includes ways employees can strategically establish themselves to build their career, fully leverage advancement opportunities and thrive within their company.

Young People
Discussing entrepreneurship with middle school, high school and college students as well as the importance of presenting a professional image in person and online to set themselves up for the most success in the future.

Cami Purpura

Cami's Paperie

Olivia! You are so brilliant and gifted. My time with you was such an honor and a HUGE game changer for my future. I can't wait to begin!

Jessie Keating

Sewing Blogger

Attract or repel. Be true to myself. Something I have carried with me since Olivia Omega's workshop at Sewing Summit. I'm finding it true for many aspects of my life, not just sewing and blogging.

Jennifer Faught

Stationery Academy & Society for Creative Founders

Gosh, girl! You are inspiring and so smart. Thank you for being here and for the impact you are making on these women's lives and journey! You showed up ready to pour into these women. And I'm so grateful that our paths crossed! xoxo

Alex Estes

Prairie Letter Shop

Olivia, I LOVED your presence and presentation. I admire your marketing savvy AND more importantly, your desire to put Christ first in your business! I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again in the future. May the Lord continue to open doors for you and shower you in His incredible grace. xo

Indya Clark

Olivia is truly an inspiration. I follow her online and I just think “wow”! She is a great example as a woman, business owner and mom. I even printed one of her blog posts. Olivia encourages me in ways she doesn't even know. Thank you for being that, for shining your light.