“When you’re authentically yourself, your brand has no competition.”

– Olivia Omega

Speaker, Corporate Keynote
Diversity & Inclusion Advocate
Author & Brand Strategist

Tackling the pressing topics of personal branding, authenticity, belonging, and measuring the costs and benefits of bringing your whole selves to the places we learn, work, and lead.

“If a human can be classified as state-of-the-art, Olivia is it. She is a creative, energetic, go-getter and can be counted on to give the best that she has in whatever she does.” – Gladys Edmunds, USA Today

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Olivia Omega. I am a TEDx speaker, diversity and inclusion advocate, brand strategist, and entrepreneur.

With my unique ability to inspire and connect with young leaders, entrepreneurs, and college students, my focus is on speaking, teaching, lecturing, and facilitating in the areas of authenticity and belonging, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

TEDx Talk: Failure = Success

Most have heard of the acronym F.A.I.L. – first attempt in learning. But what if we could redefine failure even further, reshaping it to be a requirement for success? This TEDx talk argues the notion that without public failure, success is impossible.

It uncovers how the humiliation of public failure brings about a public cognizance that creates momentum and drives success.

You Can be Anything

Creative Mornings is the world’s largest creative community that gathers once a month in 234 cities across 68 countries.

This month’s global theme was “REVERIE” – a dreamy state or daydreaming. During this talk Olivia asks the question “What did you want to be when you grow up?”, examines the incredible careers and brand of Barbie, and addresses the key to turning reverie into reality.

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